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League and Team Structure
  • The League will consist of 2 divisions: Division 1 and Division 2
  • Division 1 will consist of 8 teams.
  • Division 2 will consist of 8 teams.
General Managers
  • The General Manager committee will screen and interview potential candidates to determine their eligibility as a General Manager
  • The number of General Manager positions will correspond to the number of teams in both D1 and D2.
  • General Managers will be responsible for, but not limited to, the recruiting of players, the facilitation of trades, organizing game matches with other General Managers, and completing match reports
  • General Managers may appoint an Assistant General Manager to assist in their duties
  • If a General Manager steps down for any ill-fated reason, they will be locked on their respective team for a minimum of 2 weeks. If they refuse to play, the new GM may place them on roster exemption. After this 2 week period, the new GM can cut them or the old GM can self release during the next open self release period.
  • If a General Manager intentionally makes their team noncompetitive, they will risk being suspended for a full season
Free Agents
  • Trade offers may be submitted by the General Managers or Assistant General Managers of teams using the Roster Management interface.
  • All trades must be approved by the GM or AGM of both teams and finally a League Trade Approver once the previous approvals are met.
  • Trades that are deemed too one-sided by a League Trade Approver may be rejected.
  • Trades involving inactive players will be rejected by a League Trade Approver. Currently this is defined as a player that has not logged into the forums in 7 days or longer.
  • Trades will take effect immediately after being approved by a League Trade Approver
  • Trade offers may be retracted at any time before the a League Trade Approver approves the trade.
  • General Managers and Assistant General Managers can not be traded and their names do not show up in the trade interface in roster management.
  • No trades will be approved during game times. This is defined as 7:55pm to 9pm if the trade is between two D2 teams, 8:55pm to 10pm if it is between two D1 teams, and 7:55 and 10pm if it is between a D2 team and a D1 team.
  • If you are over the roster limit, NO TRADES WILL BE APPROVED. You will need to cut a player be within the roster limits to begin making trades.
  • There will be a trade deadline every season. The exact date and time of this deadline will be posted in an Important Dates thread in the News and Announcements forum.
GM Trades
  • If a GM steps down from their position at any point during the season, they are eligible to traded/released after their 2 week probation period is over, provided they are not listed as a non-playing GM.
  • The actuality of their being traded or released will be on a case by case basis at the discretion of the League staff.
  • If it is determined that the GM is giving up power for any ill-fated reason, that person will be locked to their respective team for the remainder of the season and ineligible to be traded/released.
  • Roster exemptions may be granted in these instances.
  • When submitting a trade, a GM may add a stipulation to the offer which will be enforced by the administration once it can be determined that the conditions have been met, one of the GMs involved requests its enforcement and the league structure allows for its resolution. For example, the administration won't move assets between teams during a period where trading is closed.
  • It is a good idea to be clear and concise when writing or agreeing to stipulations and any questions or doubts should be presented to the administration at the time of negotiations.
  • The League Trade Approvers will review stipulations as part of the approval process and may reject the trade if the stipulations are vague or open to different interpretations. They may also contact the GMs involved -- on their own or by request -- and ensure both are in agreement with the specific intention of the stipulation.
  • When a GM requests that a stipulation be enforced, the League Trade Approvers are the ultimate authority on the interpretation of a written stipulation.
  • Stipulations may not be used to circumvent deadlines, league structure or rules.
  • Stipulations may not be used to move a player (regardless of the reason) after a trade deadline. This includes stipulations that call for the reversal of a trade.
  • Stipulations may not be used to "rent" out players to other organizations. Stipulations that call for the reversal of a trade will be invalidated if a player involved plays any minutes for their new team.
  • Stipulations may not be used to change the terms of a deal or provide compensation based on a team being disbanded. Basically you may not have stipulations that are conditional on the ranking of the pick at the end of the season.
  • Teams are not required to retain a specific pick for stipulations unless that stipulation includes specific language that states that the pick may not be traded. If a pick listed in a stipulation is no longer available League Trade Approvers will sub in the next best available pick when enforcing the stipulation
  • Stipulations may not include future draft picks not currently available to an organization.
  • Stipulations based on a team winning or losing a set number of games may not be used.
  • Stipulations based on a players playing requirements should be clear as to whether it refers to a player being available for a game or actually used in one. It is a good idea to separately outline expectations for both regular season games and playoff games. They must include a detailed description of the method that will be used to track and verify the player's availability over the course of the season.
  • Stipulations that requires a player to "make himself available for x number of games" must include a detailed description of the method that will be used to track and verify the player's availability over the course of the season. League Trade Approvers reserve the right to deny tracking methods if they are not clear or could be subject to abuse by either team.
  • Availability stipulations that use percentages will not be accepted. The stipulation MUST be converted to the total number of games desired out of the remaining number of game. Example: 10 out of the last 20 games. This will make it easier on League Trade Approvers to back track to when the trade was made.
  • A player cannot be held accountable for missing a playoff game that did not occur due to a team failing to make the playoffs or advance to a certain number of rounds unless otherwise specified in the stipulation.
  • A playoff series will be considered to count as one appearance by the player unless otherwise specified in the stipulation.
  • All requests for trade stipulation enforcement must be submitted in the Commissioner's Office forum no later than 72 hours after the conclusion of playoffs.
  • All activity related stipulations must include the following:
    • 1. The minimum amount of games
    • 2. Whether they must play or show
    • 3. How activity will be tracked
    • 4. What happens if they player does not show to the agreed upon amount of games
    • 5. What restrictions are there on the stipulated items
    • 6. What happens if the player is traded, cut, or banned
    IE: Naipe must show to 10 of the remaining 20 games [1&2]. Activity will be tracked through forum log in time 10 minutes before games [3]. If Naipe does meet these requirements, the Gunmen must return the Squares 5th round pick [4]. This pick cannot be traded for the duration of this stipulation [5]. If Naipe is traded, cut, or banned, this stipulation is null and void [6].
  • Each team shall be made up of no more than 8 active players.
  • Teams can temporarily exceed the roster limit to facilitate player signings and when receiving an extra player in a trade. Another player must then be released before any future trades or signings can take place. If a team is still over the roster limit at game time, their game will be forfeited.
  • Rosters will be locked at the start of week 7.
  • At the end of each season every team will be allowed 3 Keepers. (GM + 2 players)
  • Prior to each season, the League will hold a draft to allow Organizations to replenish their rosters. The date of the Draft will be posted within the week following the Championship Series.
  • Players who are released from their teams at the end of the season, as well as players who were not on a team at the end of the previous season, must register for the Draft in order to be eligible to be drafted. A signup form and deadline for registration will be announced at least 1 week before the draft.
  • When registering for the draft, players who enter draft information that suggests, IN ANY WAY, that they will only play for certain teams, or contains phrases such as "talk to me before you draft me"/"pm me first", or list fake activity will have their draft submission removed and will need to re-register for the draft.
  • Players have the option to enter the draft if they so choose, rather than being kept. If a player wishes to enter the draft, they must use the release page to release themselves before deadline to opt-out of being kept. Instructions on how to opt out will be posted by league staff before the end of the season. Once the deadline is reached, they are subject to being kept and can not leave unless they are cut or traded.
  • The Draft will consist of as many rounds necessary for every player to be drafted. In the event that there are not enough players left at the end of a round to complete a new round, the remaining players will become Slave Agents.
Slave Agency
  • Major League GMs/AGMs may sign any player who is listed as a Slave Agent, using the Roster Management interface.
  • Players who are released from their team do NOT automatically become slave agents unless they are released less than 7 days after a team signs them.
  • Any player who is released from their team during the season, or who is new to the league, may apply for Slave Agency.
  • Any player who chooses not to sign up for the Draft (and is not a keeper), may apply for Slave Agency after the second week of the regular season.
  • Players who apply for slave agency following the draft will first be placed on Waivers.
  • Slave Agency will open 2 weeks after the initial draft
  • Players whom sign up for Slave Agency or those who are released by a team will be automatically placed on the waiver wire for the next run. The exception to this rule is when a player has been on the team for less than 7 days prior to their release in which case they will immediately be available as a Slave Agent.
  • Waivers are run every game night and on Sundays, usually around 10pm ET.
  • At the start of the season, teams are prioritized on the waiver wire based on a random order. The randomization will be streamed before the season begins. Whenever a team claims a player off the wire, they are immediately moved to the end of the priority list.
  • Prior to the deadline on each Waiver day, teams may specify both a high and low priority player they would like to claim in exchange for their position on the waiver wire. If a team before you on the wire takes your high priority player, the system will determine if your low priority player is still available and select him instead.
  • Once you have cleared waivers without being claimed by a team, you will be immediately available to be signed by any team with roster space.
League Games
  • Each game shall consist of two seven minute halves.
  • Games will be played 4v4. Teams may play shorthanded with 3 players, but may not drop below this amount at any time or the game will be declared over. This will be recorded as a forfeit loss if the shorthanded team was winning at the time they fell below 3 players.
  • Teams that fail to show-up for their game (have less than 3 player available at the start) will be assessed a forfeit loss and a 1 point penalty in the league standings for each occurrence. Note: a penalty point will not be assessed for the 1st no-show forfeit, but will for the 2nd and each one after that. This penalty can be recovered if the team plays three consecutive games with four players in both halves of each game. Note: League staff reserve the right to issue penalized forfeits as described above in the event a team refuses to finish/rage quits a game before it is supposed to end.
  • League games have a scheduled start time of 8pm (D2) and 9pm (D1) EST, or 30 minutes after if a streamed game. Home teams are encouraged to open a game room 5-10 mins early, but this is not a requirement. Room links MUST be distributed to the other team via forum PM. If the home team fails to send the game link to the away team by the scheduled start time, they will be allowed an extra 5 minutes to do so (8:05/9:05). If the link is sent prior to the scheduled start time, the away team must join the game room no later than 5 mins after the scheduled start time (8:05/9:05). If the link is sent after the scheduled start time, the away team must join the game room no later than 10 mins after the scheduled start time (8:10/9:10). A team's failure to comply with the time constraints allowed here will grant their opponent the right to file for a forfeit (note: this is nullified if teams choose to play the game despite the violation). *Special note: This rule is necessary to account for teams that do not show or are unreasonably late, because there must be some sort of cut-off time. However, teams are encouraged to be lenient in the event that their opponent is only a short amount of time beyond the cut-off and are still able to play the game. Basically, don't take a free win just because you can - if your team is still around to play, play the game nerds.
  • All league games will be played in a Haxball room provided by the home team. If the home team is unable to supply a host, the away team will do so. If neither team is able to provide a host the teams are encouraged to seek help from others and contact staff if no host is able to be located.
  • Note: All league games must be hosted on a United States or Canada based host unless both teams agree otherwise. While we welcome players from other areas of the world the vast majority of the player base is in the United States and Canada and hosts need to be located in those countries.
  • Game Room hosts are preferred to be on wired residential connections. Wireless internet connections are permitted provided the connection is stable and playable for both teams.
  • The Operations Department reserves the right to assign a Game Official to any game of their choosing. If a Game Official is assigned to a game the team hosting the room will be required to provide an extra slot for the Game Official and will be required to provide the Game Official with the room info prior to the start of the game. Failure to comply will result in a forfeit being assessed.
  • Game Officials are responsible for ensuring that League games proceed in a timely fashion. All players are expected to follow the Game Official's instructions as they pertain to the game. Anyone who refuses to do so will be removed from the game room.
  • The Operations Department reserves the right to assign a Game Streamer to any game of their choosing. If a Game Streamer is assigned to a game room the team hosting the room will be required to provide and extra slot for the Game Streamer and will be required to provide the Game Streamer the room info prior to the start of the game. Failure to comply with any of the instructions above will result in a forfeit being assessed along with penalty points for the team that did not comply. The Operations Department may also request to play games at times other than a team's default game time to accommodate streaming. If playing at time other than the one originally schedule does not work for your team, you must let the Operations Department know as soon as possible. However, please note that it is still at the streamers discretion of whether or not they enforce playing at a different time. We simply phrase it as us asking because it it sounds nicer.
  • Each team is allowed 6 people in the game room while the game is in progress. A GM must be counted towards this number regardless of whether or not he is playing in the game. If the GM is playing or not available, they may appoint another player to act as their sideline person.
  • Each team is allowed to make substitutions during live play
    • A team's 5th or 6th man may be used as a sub during live play provided they are on the team's roster.
    • A team may make a substitution at any time (for any reason)
    • The player being subbed out must move off the field behind their own end line (or out of sight in their own end if play is in the attacking end) before the official will grant the substitution request. The official may waive this requirement at their discretion if it is clear that the player has lagged out or is unable to control their dot.
    • A team may swap out their 5th or 6th man in the room at any time providing the current 5th or 6th man leaves 1st, but will not be allowed to be used as a sub until the player's codeword has been verified.
    • If a team requests a sub in between goals the official can pause the game before kickoff at their discretion to prevent the ball from being kicked off while they are processing the sub request. Only the 5th or 6th man in the room at the time of the request will be allowed to be subbed into the game.
    • When game officials are not provided substitutions during live play will still be permitted under existing guidelines provided there is someone available from the team needing a sub on the bench to process them. Admin may be given to a team's bench player if the team's designated admin (GM, AGM) is on the field playing. If a team needing a sub has no one on the bench to process subs they will have to wait for a stoppage of play (goal or halftime). A game may be paused for processing a sub in between goals, but prior to a kick off.
    • Games may be paused for whatever reason if BOTH MANAGING SIDES AGREE. If a team pauses and the other team does not agree then the game must be unpaused IMMEDIATELY. Match Disputes filings regarding pausing still fall under the match dispute rules.
    • In the rare event a player lag-out drops a team below the minimum number of players allowed the game may be pause for up to 2 minutes to see if that player returns. If the player does not return the game will be declared over.
    • Replays of league matches will NOT be granted for issues with substitutions. This includes (but is not limited to) officials missing a request, taking too long to process a request, room being full for whatever reason, room password changed for whatever reason, sub lagging, goal scored while sub being made, etc.
  • Each player shall use a name that corresponds to or contains their forum name. Reasonable substitution of letters for symbols (or vice-versa) are permitted, as long as the opposing team and match report officials can identify each player by their chosen in-game name while they are on the field. Failure to do so will result in a player forfeiting stats for that game and may result in a suspension for repeated violations. Players may request one forum name change every other off-season (usually in June and December). Name change approvals are at the sole discretion of the League Staff.
  • Prior to the start of each game, each team must verify the codewords of the players on the other team. If staff determine a team failed to check the other team's codewords the game will be declared a forfeit loss for that team.
  • Prior to the start of each game with an official, the Game Official will verify each players identity using the codeword system. Players are expected to give their codeword to the Game Official immediately when asked to do so.
  • The home team will choose their team's side for the first half. For the second half, the sides will be reversed. For overtime, the home team will choose their preferred side.
  • Jersey colors should be chosen that clearly distinguish the two teams from each other. The teams should not choose colors that are the exact same or nearly the same as their opponents. If the teams wish to use similar colors, the home team has preference, and the away team must choose an alternate jersey color.
  • If a half is tied at the conclusion of 7 minutes of play, the game will be stopped. If a goal is scored at the end of the 7 minutes of play, the goal will be allowed if the game clock is showing 6:59 and will be disallowed if the game clock is showing 7:00. If the game displays "[Color] is Victorious!" immediately after the goal, it means that the goal occurred after the end of the period.
  • Once a half has started, the game will not be stopped for any reason.
  • Before the game begins, there will be a lag test, which will allow the players to determine if they are experiencing lag.
  • After a goal, the team conceding the goal must restart play within 30 seconds. The same rule applies to the kickoff at the start of a half. Failure to do so will be considered delaying the game. If the team refuses to kick off, the official may put himself in, and nudge the ball to restart play. Further refusals will result in the offending team being disqualified. Refusal to play by both teams will result in a loss being recorded for both teams.
  • If any player from the opposing team is intentionally banned from the from the room, the player who banned them will face punishment and the team will risk forfeiting the game.
  • If any player intentionally own goals, that player will face punishment.
  • If it is discovered that a match was played with a multi or fake player, regardless of the teams knowledge, the games in question will be subject to forfeiture or rematch. The decision will be at the discretion of the teams who played, with the team who was wrongly played against having priority. Depending on the circumstances, it will still be subject to the commissioners and division directors approval.
  • Any of use of chat or avatar macros in a game room is strictly forbidden. If caught, it will result in a suspension similar to the criteria listed in the Macro policy.
  • Mercy Rule is a rule that effectively ends a game when a specific gap in goals is reached between two teams. Teams may choose to play out the remainder of the time on the clock for that game, but all goals/assists/points/minutes played will not count after the mercy rule takes effect.
    • Any game that begins 4v4 will have a mercy rule of 8 goals. Any game that is played as either 3v3 or 3v4 will have a mercy rule of 5 goals (this only applies to the team with 4 players). Teams are allowed a short period of time for a player to rejoin in the event that they dropped from the match.
    • If a team chooses to begin a game 3v3, they may not add a 4th player unless both teams are able to add a 4th player.
  • If the cumulative score is tied after the first two halves, sudden death overtime will be played.
  • Overtime will be played 4v4 during the regular season and Playoffs.
  • Teams will be permitted to make substitutions before overtime begins.
  • The Playoffs shall consist of a tournament of the top 3 teams of each division after the end of regular season and the team that wins the play in series
  • In the event of a tie in points the following tie-breakers will be used.
    • 1. Head to head record (if only 2 teams tied)***
    • 2. Total wins**
    • 3. Goal Differential
    • ** If only 2 teams remain tied after the 2nd tiebreaker is used to break a tie of 3 or more ties we will revert back to the 1st tiebreaker to break that tie.
    • ***Head to Head winner is determined by who "took more points from the other". Ex: Team A and Team B play each other twice, splitting the series 1-1. In one game, Team A wins in regulation, in another Team B wins in OT. In this scenario Team A is ahead of Team B because out of a possible 6 points (2 games), they won 4 (reg win + OT loss).
  • The top 3 teams of each division in the regular season will not need to play the play in game.
  • Play in tournament will be held before the playoffs with the teams that are seeded 4 & 5 .
  • Highest seed always play lowest seed.
  • The play in game will be a Best of 3 elimination tournament. The highest seeded team will be the home team for games 1 and 3. The away team will be the home team for game 2.
  • The semi finals of the playoffs will be a best of 5 series with all 5 games being played on the same night. The higher seeded team will be the home team for games 1, 2 and 5. The lower seeded team will be the home team for game 3 and 4. The series will end once one of the teams wins 3 games.
  • The finals of the playoffs will be a best of 5 series with all 5 games being played on the same night. The higher seeded team will be the home team for games 1, 2 and 5. The lower seeded team will be the home team for game 3 and 4. The series will end once one of the teams wins 3 games.
  • Starting side choice for the start of the game and overtime will go to the team designated as the home team for each game.
  • Each game will be played on a neutral host with a streamer/official provided by the operation department. If a host cannot be provided, the home team of each game will provide one unless both teams agree on something different.
  • Teams will be reseeded after each round based on the total amount of points earned in the regular season.

In recognition of their service as Developers, Scooter and SirDgbyChknCsr will be considered honorary members of every cup winning team of the highest division/league until the end of SPHB. This rule cannot be modified or changed ever for any reason by anyone.

Match Complaints/Disputes
  • If you have a complaint about your game regarding lag, the official, or anything else, you MUST file a formal dispute in the Match Disputes Forum no later than 11:00pm Eastern on the same night as the game being disputed. Disputes posted in any other forum will be disregarded. The complaint must be made by the GM or AGM of the disputing team, must state the reasons for the dispute, and must follow all procedures/instructions set forum in the Match Dispute forum stickies. Please note that one or two players lagging is not a valid complaint - the lag must be visibly affecting everyone (or nearly everyone) for the complaint to be valid. All decisions to replay games are at the sole discretion of the League staff.

    All Match Disputes will be reviewed by League Staff. Match Dispute appeals that are not filed in a timely fashion (usually the same day the original decision is rendered) will be denied.
  • Teams that fail to show-up for their league match will be assessed a one point penalty in the league standings for each no show beyond their 1st offense. If your opponent fails to show up please make note of this in the Match Dispute forum so league staff may follow-up.
Match Reports
  • Each league game must be recorded by a member of both teams. The General Manager of the winning team is responsible for uploading this replay, using the Match Reporter interface, at the conclusion of the game.
  • At the conclusion of each game, the General Manager, Assistant General Manager, or Team Captain of the winning team is required to fill out a match report, detailing the rosters for each half, and all goals scored, following the guidelines set forth below. In the playoffs the team that wins the series is responsible for all series match reports.
  • Match reports must be completed and submitted for review by no later than 11:59pm Eastern on the night of the game. Failure to meet this deadline will result in penalty of one point lost in the league standings. An additional penalty will be assessed if the match report is not submitted by 8pm the following night and for each subsequent 24 hours it is late after that. If a team is penalized for missing a deadline they can earn the lost point back if they do not receive any additional penalty points for the game they received the initial penalty on AND they do not receive any penalties over the course of their next 2 games they win.
  • ALL games must have a replay submitted for a valid MR, and the replay MUST show the entire game. The losing team must retain a replay of the game, in the event that the winning team is, for some reason, unable to submit the replay. If both teams are unable to submit a replay, the game will be recorded as a double forfeit. The losing team will be charged a penalty in the standings equal to the difference in points earned between the two teams, so that both teams involved share an equal loss in points as a result of the double forfeit. These penalty points are permanent and replays/reschedules will not be granted.
  • After they are submitted, all match reports will be verified/corrected by a Match Reporter and posted to the site.
Development League
  • The two D1 teams with the least amount of points at the end of the season will be required to play in a best of 3 relegation series.
  • The higher seeded team will be home for games 1 & 3, and the lower seeded team will be home for game 2.
  • The losing team will be relegated and sent down to D2.
  • The D2 cup winner will automatically promote to D1
  • Relegated and Promoted teams will have their picks adjusted to represent their new division (1 - 4, 2 - 6, 3 - 7, 5 - 8)
  • Games must be played on the night they are scheduled.
  • Teams may only reschedule their games if both teams agree.
  • If a team forfeited a game during a prior week, they can replay that match at a later date if the other team agrees.
  • If so desired (excluding playoffs and the chosen nightly streamed games), teams may play their game earlier or later than the start time.
  • Gamenight reschedules may be forced due to technical issues with the site or any very special circumstances that may arise where a reschedule is necessary.
  • All rescheduled matches MUST be played prior to the final week of the season. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Once a reschedule thread is posted, confirmed by both teams, and a future date has been agreed upon, a forfeit will NOT be granted.
  • Games will not be postponed or restarted due to lag.
  • There are exactly two cases in which players may experience lag:
    • the host's internet connection or computer is not sufficient to host a room with the number of players in it: every player in the game will be experiencing the same amount of lag, and therefore, the game is still fair, though it is not an ideal situation.
    • the player's internet connection or computer is not sufficient to play the game: individual players are responsible for their own lag. It is up to every player to ensure that they are doing everything they can to prevent lag, including closing all tabs in their web browser except for the Haxball tab, closing instant messaging programs/Skype, pausing or stopping any downloads and uploads (torrents), and ensuring that they are using a wired internet connection if possible. Players should also ensure that no one else who shares their internet connection is using a large amount of bandwidth at the same time they are playing, such as by torrenting or playing on Xbox Live or PSN. Most routers have a QoS option that allows you to dedicate a certain amount of bandwidth to a particular computer. We recommend that you take advantage of this feature of your router.
  • We do a lag test before every game so that players can determine if they have an individual lag issue, and teams should have enough players on their roster (and available) that they can find 4 players without lag. Games will not be postponed because a team cannot field a full roster without lag.
  • It is possible that multiple players will experience lag during a game, but unless everyone in the room is experiencing the lag, the problem is on the players' side of things. Either way, the half will NOT be restarted for lag. Due to the complex nature of the internet and the vast distances between players and servers, lag can never be completely eliminated or prevented.
  • TeamSpeak is a low latency, low-bandwidth real-time voice communications program, and should not interfere with playing Haxball. We provide a TeamSpeak server for use by players during league games, and any other time they wish to use voice communications. If you need to communicate with your team during the game, we recommend that you make use of the TeamSpeak server we provide, and not Skype, which is known for being a very inefficient program.
  • If, in the opinion of league staff and the League's technical consultants, all games are unplayable due to widespread technical problems, games will be postponed until a date and time deemed suitable by the Administration. The technical consultants' decision is final.
Goals and Assists
  • A goal shall be credited to the offensive player who last touched the ball before it went into the goal.
  • An assist shall be credited to the second-to-last offensive player to touch the ball before it went into the goal, provided that the ball was not kicked or possessed by any player of the defensive team between the time he last touched it and the goal scorer kicking the ball.
  • An assist shall be credited to the third-to-last offensive player to touch the ball before it went into the goal, provided that the ball was not kicked or possessed by any player of the defensive team between the time he last touched it and the goal scorer kicking the ball.
  • Assists may be awarded on own goals, provided that the shot was likely going in regardless of the defender playing the ball. In this case, the normal goal/assist guidelines apply. Making a ruling on a disputed play will be left to the Lead/Head Match Reporter, and ultimately, League Staff.
  • An assist chain can be no longer than 3 touches and a single player cannot be credited with both a goal and an assist on the same scoring play. In the following sequence of passes, Player A -> Player B -> Player C -> Player B, a secondary assist IS awarded to Player A.
  • In regards to assist credit, when a rocket play is unclear who touched it first/last at full speed, always err on the side of giving an assist to the offensive player.