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SPHB: Moving Forward
« on: August 06, 2017, 04:35:28 pm »
Dear League Players,

Today the staff had a meeting at 2pm ET about what to do for the future of the League. We saw the feedback and results from the poll and took that into consideration, and we came to a decision.

You, the players, have decided that we need PYOT and need it now. We the staff want to make sure that we are committed to what the league wants and needs. So we have decided to stop everything and move onto PYOT. Season 28 will be stopped and restarted with PYOT, with a tentative start date of Monday August 14th.

This time with PYOT we will have no restrictions. You may play with whoever you want to play with. No tier list. No limits. This was one of the biggest failures of the PYOT last time it was used. It didn't allow the total freedom like it should. What this should do is make people have to be more competitive with the strong teams. I know the people who aren't as skilled aren't going to be in favor of this but for the good of the league we must move forward. As players you should want to move forward as well.

This has been a hard decision but we ultimately wanted to put the players first.

All are free to sign up for PYOT, or to create their own team.

To signup for free agency in PYOT click here
To see who has signed up click here:

If you wish to remain on your current team, then that is fine. You don't have to do anything. However, if you wish to release yourself from your current team, click here

If you are currently a GM, you will be given the chance to sign your own team and continue on as Team Captain.

If you are not currently a GM, but wish to be the captain of your own team, you must have five players including yourself confirm that they want to play for you in order to be be granted a new team. Roster limits for this season will be set at 6.

Not everyone can see the list of sign-ups on free agency, so a list of all free agents available for PYOT will be kept at the bottom of this thread, and updated every day for new signups.

The tentative schedule is as follows:
Friday, August 11th: Deadline for New GM's To Sign UP. Schedule and Playoff Structure Decided by Staff based on Number of Teams Signed Up.
Sunday August 13th: Self Release Period Ends at Midnight:
Monday August 13th: Season 28 Begins.

The rest of the schedule will be set once we know how many teams have signed up.

Another set of decisions have been made as well. We are making cuts to the staff. Due to the change in the system we will be reshaping the staff. What happened during the off-season was completely unacceptable. Too many people were involved, but their was little actual Leadership. Too many people weren't available and we didn't have anyone to help lead and make changes. This is why PYOT didn't  happen right away; the League Staff failed, and we apologize for that. However, we are under new leadership now, and @Red and I are looking forward to a bright future for SPHB.

With that said. Effective immediately.

@DJ Khaled  will be stepping down from Commissioner and doing SPHB Productions.

@Naipe  will be stepping down from Commissioner and keeping Director of Operations.

@Gleg  and @Luciano  will be taking care of team transactions and disputes only. Not Staff.

@HashBrowns  will be helping out with staff still and be focused on Match Reports. @dr feli, @hidden_is_back and @undrctrl will be helping with Match Reporting.

@Baines  will be Forum Moderator still.

@stapler  will be removed from staff.

@Scooter  will be keeping his job naturally and put onto new Council group that will be making decisions for the league.

We are making a council to help make decisions for everyone. We will be adding players to this list as we move forward. This council's goals are to make sure we consult the players, Team leaders and staff on the changes they need. This council won't do things like we did in the past. We will consult you on any changes that could be potentially happening. Me and Red are going to be the leads on this Council.

Current Council:  Me, Red, Hashbrowns and Scooter

We are going to be very busy for the next few days. Please spread this message around because we want to have as many people as possible for this to be successful.

SPHB. we are going all in on this. This is our last stand or SPHB dies.
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The players must come first. We won't have a league if there are no players.

If you have questions on anything. Please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP.

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Re: SPHB: Moving Forward
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2017, 08:55:11 pm »

There has been some confusion regarding how teams are to be made and confirmed. So to clear it up, here is a list of FAQs regarding making your own team, and signing up for some1 else's team,

1. How do I become Team Captain?

To become Team Captain, you must post in this thread or PM me or @Pavelski with a list of players for your team. Those players must then confirm in that thread, or through PM to me or @Pavelski. Only AFTER at least five people have confirmed will you be granted your team. Alternatively, if you think that is too confusing, you can make your own thread entitled "Confirm [TEAM NAME]", and have your players confirm in their. See this thread for an example.

2. How do I join a team?

To join a team, you must be invited to one. In that case, you will probably be summoned into the thread above to confirm or deny whether you want to be a part of the team that requested you.

3. I want to sign a player, but I'm not sure if he wants to play for me. What should I do?

Request that player by mentioning him in the above thread. He will give you an answer in there. You could also try PMing them.

4. I can't seem to find a team. What should I do?

There are a couple of things you can do. First, you can try to make your own team. For that, refer to questions 1 and 3. If you don't want to be a team captain, one of the easiest things to do is to PM a current team captain and ask them if they have any spots open. If you still can't find a team, consider finding another Slave Agent and asking them to be your team captain. Then they can follow the steps outlined in questions 1 and 3.

5. Can I make a team without my players confirming?


Also, one more thing to mention. There will be ONE SELF RELEASE PERIOD during the season that will be determined.
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Re: SPHB: Moving Forward
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2017, 10:47:59 pm »
Update: Roster Limits will be 7, not 6.