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Author Topic: Guide to fix lag in Google Chrome (and the CTRL+W for whoever uses WASD lol)  (Read 1940 times)

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EDIT: If you want proof that this ACTUALLY DOES change something. Before following this tutorial, Create a room in Haxball, or Join one, start the game, hold the 'ESC' button, see how slow/laggy the screen is while updating itself. You will also notice that the game takes a bit longer to respond to your key presses.

Now follow the tutorial. After you're back to using the normal Adobe Flash Player, do the same thing and see how fast the screen updates itself.


After looking at this:

What happened with new chrome?

Chrome has Flash player embedded into it (or something along those lines I'm not a tech geek) and thusly will update with Flash player. The new Flash player has something called Flash block or something that prevents video autoplay and thusly will make Haxball very choppy.

(This is what I think I learned from Dgby)


I decided to check more into it and found out a way to disable this "Embedded Flash Player" in Chrome.
You'll also need to follow this guide if you want your flag change hack to work after this Chrome update.

Open a new tab in Chrome.

In the address bar type chrome:plugins and hit enter. (if it doesn't work type chrome://plugins)

Hit the details button

Search for this (picture below will explain further):

Make sure you disable the one that says about PepperFlash, not the other one.

At the end it should look like this:

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First of all, maybe you should have tested this before posting it and getting peoples hopes up.

Second of all, >using chrome in the first place. Firefox > Opera > Internet explorer > everything else except chrome >>>>>>>>> chrome

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>Guide to fix lag in Google

get FireFox

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Whatevs my team is undefeated in maxthon

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strong af 3rd post

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wtf is this shit?
A guide? are you that retarded?

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Thanks, wish I read this before spiking out and crashing 3 times vs. Dynasty Thursday

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OMG I've noticed that I've been lagging with Chrome and also my arrow keys didn't work for some reason and I had to end the processes of my extensions and then restart the page and the arrow keys would work on haxball again. This fixed it. Hopefully it also fixes the lag I get even when I have good ping.

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ty this actually worked :)
hey :3

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this think is 200% more faster than google chrome, thanks feliciano :)
sodaboy $$

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this think is 200% more faster than google chrome, thanks feliciano :)