xxSPHB Magazine - Season 30 - Week 6

February 22, 2018, 03:44:58 pm by Lindros | Views: 270 | Comments: 36


1: Austin Gunmen

Week Six: 2-0 | Season: 10-1 | Standings: 4th
Tues vs Pacific Sexy Sharks (W 2-1)
Wed at London Silly Nannies (W 2-1 OT)

They beat the Nannies for the second time this season. Aside from the fact that they refuse to show up for games(they have the least amount of games played in the league), the ones they do show up for, they win. No one has even come close to taking their number one ranking.

2: London Silly Nannies

Week Six: 1-1 | Season: 10-4 | Standings: 1st
Tues at Robot Bears (W 6-2)
Wed vs Austin Gunmen (L 1-2 OT)

The Nannies have lost both games to the Gunmen this season. Chinni continues to play poorly, and in general their team defense is just bad. I still think they are a cup contender, but they're going to have to get it together if they want to beat a real team when it...

xxSPHB Magazine - Season 30 - Week 5

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Since there were so few games played this week, it doesn't make much sense to do rankings or a team of the week. I didn't want to just not put anything out this week, though. Hope you enjoy. Maybe you'll actually play some games next week!

Interview With el jefe

Q: How do you feel about everything that's happened recently with rich, dzeko, compass and pixels?

el jefe: Well of course it all started with your sphb magezine where you basically called out rich and dzeko for taking the backseat for compass and pixels, props for getting them triggered so easily btw, which lead rich to releasing compass and pixels. I enjoyed playing with compass while it lasted, but i also wasnt that bothered by it because in the event compass and pixel go to another team, that would actually make sphb worth playing a little bit more. So then these 2 cucks make some interview with pavelski, which i didnt even listen too, and supposably they call you out, you make a sign up thread and for the few minutes i saw that i was actually pumped you signed up. Then i take a look at discord and rich and dzeko want to quit, they dont want to lose to you again this and that and i was literally so em

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The Austin Gunmen have fired Rich by ASAP Chinni
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The Sendai Tsunamis have signed Metal by SPHB Robot
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The Sacramento Storm have fired Ego by SPHB Robot
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The Sendai Tsunamis have signed question by SPHB Robot
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The SS 69ers have signed burr by SPHB Robot
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The SS 69ers have fired burr by SPHB Robot
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