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xxSPHB Magazine - Season 30 - Week 1

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1: Austin Gunmen

Mon vs Crystal Lake Killers (W 4-0)
Tues at Tiananmen Squares (W 2-0)
Wed vs Elite Four (W 4-1)

In their season opener, the Gunmen easily beat the Killers 4-0. In the first half the Gunmen looked a bit flat, but after subbing fruit for warky in the second half, they improved quite a bit. They started passing much better, used drops, and just generally outplayed the Killers. On Tuesday, vs the Squares, it seemed like jefe just trolled the entire time. They subbed him after the first half, and rylan seemed to continue the trolling. They won the game 2-0, but it's disappointing to see them play this carelessly. They won their game on Wednesday vs the Elite Four 4-1 but there's no match report/replay to watch. Despite going 3-0, I felt that they under-performed this week. They remain in the #1 spot for now.

2: London Silly Nannies


xxSeason 30 Preview and Rankings

January 15, 2018, 04:53:05 pm by Lindros | Views: 673 | Comments: 36

Season 30 Preview

1: Austin Gunmen

The gunmen are the most experienced team in the league. They are bringing back the core of their season 29 team, with the exception of carlitos. While carl is a significant loss, they are adding the very experienced chewbacca and underrated rylan. I'd really like to see The Gunmen get out of their comfort zone this season. They know how to keep games competitive against anyone, but they haven't been able to take it to the next level. They have a lot of versatile players, it will be interesting to see what they decide to do. Rylan has the potential to be a top mid if given the chance. He's very dynamic and could get this team over the hump. I doubt it will happen, and we'll likely see the same type of Gunmen team that we always see. Which isn't bad, but they will eventually hit a wall. They have experience, depth, and they're hungry for a cup after losing in the finals the last two seasons. They're my cup favorites right now, but there's a few people that haven't joined a team yet that are going to make some team much harder to beat(unless they join Gunmen ofc) if they stick to their old ways.

3x Cup Winner | 1x gkoty | 2x 5thoty
2x Cu

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