SPHB Hall of Records

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  1. Welcome!

    Hello and welcome to the SPHB Hall of Records! Click the small x in the corner if you've already seen this. Otherwise, click Next for a brief tour!

  2. The Hall of Records

    This place was created to house the past history of SPHB. Inside you will find everything from champions of the past to the hall that houses the greats of the league. We hope you enjoy!

  3. Past Champions

    Look into the past and view those who basked in the glory of winning the precious Cuppppp!

  4. The Hall Of Fame

    View the names of the those who's contributions either on or off the haxpitch were unrivaled during their time.

  5. All-Time Leaders

    The true record holders of SPHB. View the top 10 lists of all time in many categories such as Goals, Assists, Points and more!

  6. Thanks to those involved!

    Without their contributions all of this would not have been possible. Please rep their posts as thanks

  7. End

    This concludes our tour. I hope you enjoy the Hall of Records! If you have any questions or would like to see something added please visit the Hall Of Records suggestions board.