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***SEASON 28 PYOT***

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NOTE*** If you haven't been signed to a team yet, you need to sign up for free agency again. We apologize for the inconvenience, but until Scooter get's back these are some of the things we have to work around. If you are having issues signing up, please contact me or Pavelski through PM or the Commissioners Office forum.

xxSPHB Magazine - SSN 28 First Edition

August 20, 2017, 12:06:04 am by montskar | Views: 498 | Comments: 23

That is right folks, we are back for another season. I remember seeing a post from an old member of this community saying "no mag/similar will beat a season. I dare them.", it was tight at times but boy we did it! Now we are back for another season, this time PYOT system is finally here, and let me just say that this week got kinda interesting, check it out!

SPHB Power Ranking
by montskar

TeamRecordChangesDescriptionStarting Four
3 WNoneThis team's name says it all! Lindros got his crew back together, 
adding Compass to the offensive side and it actually turned out really well!
3 games, 3 regular wins, 9 goals in total. Nothing more to add than that they
deserve this week 1st spot!
GK - Myles
MID - Lindros
DFWD - pixels
CP - Compass
2 W
NoneIncredibly reaching 2nd thi

xxSPHB Magazine - Playoff Edition

June 25, 2017, 01:22:53 am by DJ Khaled | Views: 1028 | Comments: 15

What a regular season SPHB. This has been a hectic season, but so many teams and so many players have improved from day one. I can't thank everyone enough for their great attitudes for the majority of the season. I'd just like to take this moment to give my synopsis on the season. Hashbrowns and I were obviously throw into a brand new situation for the both of us. There's no need to give excuses, but obviously we made mistakes. Thankfully, we, and myself especially, learned from those mistakes. It's no secret that I haven't been here since season 5 of 12 or whatever. This was my fifth season of SPHB, but it was certainly still enjoyable. I really hope to improve next season. I can't make anyone like me as a player, GM, or a commissioner, but I can do better to make sure that everyone here is treated fairly at all times and that your voices are heard among staff. I know the community of SPHB isn't very welcoming, often is toxic, and loves the oldfag mentality, but I have to say there's been plenty of glimpses of the complete opposite of these stereotypes this season. Going forward, I hope that the league can flourish with an active player base and minimal cancer. As for the SPHB Magazine, we've successfully lasted a season. I hope that everyone enjoyed reading these as much as I did making them, but I certainly cannot take the credit for it. It was montskar's idea, and he really helped get the ball rolling o...

xxUnsigned players situation and Relegation moving forward.

Today at 12:46:21 am by Pavelski | Views: 129 | Comments: 6

Hey everyone.

Thanks for hanging tight with us during the first week of the season. Week 2 is about to start.

We do have a significant amount of players without a team. That's to be expected in PYOT, however there is more self responsibility for the player base to organize themselves on teams. It is not the staff's job to help you make your teams. We just only confirm and place your team into their rosters for the system to keep track of your stats and such. However, there is no reason for these unsigned players to organize themselves right now. So, I have a solution for this problem that will actually solve another problem that tends to happen a lot in SPHB.

The other situation is that a majority of players that lose, just end up quitting on their teams. PYOT is suppose to solve this problem but SPHB has a big loser mentality to just quit when you are down. This is something no commissioner has figured out.

I have a solution that will help people to want to organize themselves and perhaps give them a reason to keep playing this game. At the end of the day. It doesn't matter who runs this league. The players must be motivated to play otherwise there is no purpose for a league to exist.

Part 1 of new changes.

Mini tournaments during the season.

I want to have two small tournaments during the season for players that aren't ready to play against the best or a team that wants to build their own organization and prove they deserve to rise to League right away.

Tournament Style: Double Elimination. Bo3.
Roster Limit: 6
Signup restrictions: Must be unsigned a week before the self release period or unsigned at the end of the season.
Sign up Period Ends on the closest Sunday.

We would have the tournaments during the following the mid season break during the mid season release period and after the end of the season.

The winners would get a chance to play against teams that would have to defend their spot in the league if they are deemed unworthy or automatically get in if a team dissolves during or after the regular season.

Part 2. Relegation

Conditions for a team to have to fight for their spot in the League.
1. Attained less than 20% of attainable points during half or the entire season. (Currently 5 points)
2. Finished in the bottom 2 spots during the half way point or entire season.

If the first condition has more than 2 teams. All of those teams that meet that condition will have to play for their spot.

Relegation Series:

Bo5.(Debating on this atm) Played after the mini tournament series.

If a new team wins the spot during the middle of the season. They take over the position that the team they replaced.

We want the best players and teams playing. We want everyone to get a chance at playing as well but you guys need to do organize yourselves into teams and get used to it so this system can revive the league.

I believe this is the right path for the league to redevelop some growth and perhaps save the league's future.

This Season Situation:

I will not force a mini tournament or relegation series for the half way point of this season because it wouldn't be fair to teams because they weren't aware of these changes. But, if we get 4 or more team sign ups after week 2. I'll be fine with running a mini tournament. Besides we never know when a team is going to dissolve anyway so it would be nice to have a team or two ready to play.

Please PM me if you are planning on signing up your own team up for the mini tournament.

However at the end of the season, bottom teams beware. You will need to earn your spots.

If you have other better ideas than this, please post them below. I'm always willing to incorporate a new idea that seems fitting and give credit where it is due because at the end of the day. The league's goal is to have as many people organizing themselves and playing haxball together.

No more excuses about not being able to play. It's up to players to figure things out on your own.

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